The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

I had done so well leading up to Christmas, I really didn’t want to let my progress slip.

Yet, I was starting to get fed up of the monotony of my daily routine of diet and training.

I was settling down to Xmas.

I needed something different.

Luckily for me, Jamie Aldertain was putting on a Christmas challenge for members of his private training group, Train with Jay.

It involved doing challenges everyday. Sometimes training challenges, sometimes eating challenges with no focus on weight loss or strict dieting.

Just hard and sometimes fun stuff.

What Were The Challenges?

  1. 100 Burpees- this really speaks for itself, doesn’t it?!
  2. 100 Pull up or inverted rows
  3. 5-10k run
  4. Mince Pie Challenge- this involved eating a mince pie in a minute without using your hands.
  5. 10k steps before Christmas dinner.
  6. Sally Press up (ouch)
  7. 200 shoulder taps.
  8. 8 Minute Abs (this is tough).
  9. Run 1k Backwards. Yes Backwards.
  10. 3 Min Plank Challenge
  11. After 8 Challenge
  12. Sea dip or a cold shower for a minimum of 15 seconds

The winner of the challenge will win £1000 worth of fitness equipment (it won’t be me).

Which is awesome especially now the gyms are closed more often than they are open.

How Did I Get on with the Challenges?

Jamie required video challenges of them all so see for yourself below.

100 Burpees

This wasn’t too bad actually. I broke them up throughout the day and got them all in the end.

Check out my fancy videoing skills.

100 Pull Ups or Inverted Rows

I started with band-assisted pull-ups but quickly turned to inverted rows after 15.

No excuses but I wasn’t feeling very well at this point. Arthritis was playing up slightly and I had bard guts.

5-10k run

Struggled on this one

Standard. No issue doing this at all. Got soaking wet mind

Mince Pie Challenge

So this took a few attempts. My final attempt took way too long but was done under a minute at least.

10k Steps Before Christmas Dinner

Got up extra early to go for a run. Got myself a PB. That’s what happens when you don’t want to miss your kids waking up I suppose.

Sally Press Up

Try it. It’s brutal. I adjusted and done it on my knees and I still felt like my chest was bursting through my skin afterwards.

200 Shoulder Taps.

I done this in 2 sets of 100. Not to bad

8 Minute Abs

This nearly broke me. I was full as a bull after eating all the food in the world and this hurt.

Try it.

Run 1k Backwards. Yes Backwards

Yeah, so this made me feel like a dick. I tried going to our local park to run around the field but the park keeper seemingly forgot he was working. So I ended up running up and down the side of our local rugby field.

Calf hurt afterwards and my achillies were inflamed for a few days afterwards

3 Min Plank Challenge

This speak for itself. Hard! Got it done though.

After 8 Challenge

Managed it in under 30 seconds which I think is admirable.

Sea Dip or a Cold Shower for a Minimum of 15 Seconds

I wanted to jump in the river to do this but ended up having a cold shower because I had the kids while the wife works.

Cold Showers brrr

I’ve been continuing the cold showers ever since. COLD!

Challenge Summary

I quite enjoyed the challenge of if all.

There were times I couldn’t be bothered with doing the challenges but I got them done eventually.

It didn’t stop me from trying to eat all the food but it did help me to offset some of the calories I was consuming as I did feel like I should try to exercise throughout the Xmas period.

The group helped, seeing people cracking on with their own stuff motivated me and the encouragement you receive is awesome.

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